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Building design system?

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Building design system?

Im putting together a modular building design system for SketchUp. It's intended for people who want to design their own homes. They can create a concept model, and then take it to the draftsperson or Architect who would then polish the design and prepare construction drawings etc. Essentially, the system includes modules (or rooms) which are SketchUp groups that can be assembled on a grid in various configurations. The modules are then exploded and re-grouped together form a building. The modules overlap each other to allow for easy and accurate placement. This process, however, can generate superfluous edges as well as multiple faces that occupy the same position. The excess "stuff" can be cleaned up manually without too much drama, but Im wondering if anyone's got a better idea for an easier clean-up? I ' ve looked at some plug-ins, including Delete Coplanar edges, Remove Inner Faces, and CleanUp. 3. I get some promising results, but also some unexpected behavior (disasters) ... probably because I'm not using them properly.

Please help.

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