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Multiple design problems with Model X

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Multiple design problems with Model X

My X was a nine month nightmare. 1) The excessively deep windshield made it a greenhouse/hothouse that caused the AC to blast unsuccessfully, creating cold drafts and still overheated seating areas. 2). The middle row seat requires locking in the rear-most position, so my toddler grandchildren were very uncomfortable in the third row; no adults there at all. 3) The main screen froze every couple of weeks such that I had to leave vehicle at dealer as they replaced it entirely. 4) I bought the extended range option to get 230 miles between charges—-I was told by salesman—then on delivery in Dedham MA I was emphatically told not to charge beyond 80% or I would damage batteries. 5) Final straw of betrayal by Tesla: when I tried to get Tesla to repurchase it after 9 months so I could buy a conventional vehicle with sufficient range, the dealer and company rep said they no longer honored their promise because .the corporation was short of capital”. I sold my $120,000 nearly new vehicle to a BMW dealer for only $80,000 and was lucky to get that. My other offers were $65,000 with dealers saying if Tesla won’t buy it with so many faults, why should I risk it?

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